Women’s Workwear Inspiration

Womens Workwear Inspiration

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What Workwear Is (and Isn’t):

Workwear started as safety clothing for manual laborers. It’s often constructed of sturdy fabrics like denim and corduroy, and it has an oversized fit to allow for movement. Though the utility wear trend seems very much late 2010s, Dickies cites its first appearance in fashion as early as 1988 with streetwear trendsetters in Southern California sporting classic workwear jackets and pants.

Workwear itself is not to be confused with skater style or streetwear, though both fashion styles do incorporate elements of work safety clothing, i.e. skateboarders wear Dickies and hip-hop artists rock Timberlands. Today both men and women mix elements of workwear, particularly wide-legged pants, heavy-duty boots, and utility jackets, into their personal style.

Source: (ties.com)

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